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Eye of the Beholder is a place of inspiration and encouragement, sharing positive stories about Full Circle Moments, RV Life, and Inspire Me resources. Explore these categories below and don’t forget to check out My Partners.

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Full Circle

Epiphany. A sudden and striking realization of something. When a life moment arrives that reveals meaning to an unanswered question from the past, I call this a Full Circle Moment.

There are endless, amazing stories like this from people of all walks of life. Some are uplifting. Some are tragic. All have meaning. In Search Of

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life

RV Life Eye of the Beholder

Amazing places. A thousand faces.

Travel with me across America exploring this great nation from sea to shining sea. I’ll share my experiences living the full-time RV life for 5 years (2017-2022), chronicling some of my most memorable experiences.

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Inspire Me

A collection of inspirational resources that have impacted me in a meaningful way. I need inspiration every day to stay on the good path God has laid before me. These are some of my personal favorites.

What inspires you?

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My Partners

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