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Hello! I’m Steve Coryell, creator and author of this site. About

Eye-of-the-Beholder.org is about inspiration and sharing.

I sincerely hope you find some positive encouragement here.

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You’ve probably heard the saying before, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This Web site is based on the idea behind that phrase, but I’ve added a word … “Meaning“.

I believe that Beauty & Meaning are among the best things we can extract from this life, and they come to us in all kinds of personal experiences. Triumph and tragedy. Joy and heartbreak. Chaos and quiet. In such moments is where beauty and meaning exist.

I was inspired by my dad to develop this site. I helped him write a book about his life story. A theme emerged from that work, something I call Full Circle. I realized a few of my own full circle moments from that experience and decided to write about them.

My initial creation was WhenLifeGoesFullCircle.com. Over time, it has evolved and expanded. The idea of the full circle moment remains a central theme, but now I include stories about my adventures on the road living the RV Life, as well as sharing content that has inspired me personally (Inspire Me).

I’m always In Search Of a good story. I have no doubt there are countless amazing stories out there, whether full circle moments, inspirational resources, or a traveler’s experience. Have you found some beauty and meaning in your life?

Please Contact Me if you’d like to share, and don’t forget to visit me on social media!

Eye of the Beholder - About
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Eye of the Beholder - About
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