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The precepts of the law may be comprehended under these three points: to live honestly, to hurt no man willfully, and to render every man his due carefully.


Welcome to my legal page. For most, this is likely the most boring part of the site. But for all of us, quite necessary.

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Terms & Conditions is a blog, providing digital content and promoting third party service providers and partners. When you engage in a transaction with one of these third parties, all liabilities, warranties, returns, and relevant policies transfer to that third party.

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I claim no official expertise in the subject matter published here. Content is editorial in nature, expressing opinions, ideas, and personal experiences. If you seek expert guidance or advice please consult a licensed professional.

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I claim copyright protection for all assets utilized for this Web site, including articles, photos, and intellectual property. Some of these assets are not mine, but repurposed here in the spirit of fair use. If you wish to use any of these materials please take the proper steps to do so.

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