RV Life – Our Second Year – Midwest Spring

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Our Second Year - Midwest Spring

Seasonal change in the Central US is as turbulent as it is beautiful.

From tulips to twisters, a Midwest Spring is full of surprises.

Midwest Spring

Midwest Spring

Our Second Year of the RV Life started in April of 2018 with a Midwest Spring. We were parked at the Rockwell RV Park on the west side of Oklahoma City and had just completed 1,000 miles, returning from our Arizona Winter spot. We were heading back to our Tennessee home base for the Spring season.

Oklahoma City was more than just a convenient stopping point. We were there to see the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Cheri and I have a unique intersection from our past lives through that terrible, national tragedy.

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Our Second Year - Midwest Spring

For many years, we were both drawn to the memorial.

Not only to pay our respects to the victims of that day, but to reflect upon our own small contributions to justice.

We finally took the opportunity in 2018.

See the full story … Full Circle – April 19, 1995

While we were there in Oklahoma City, Cheri enjoyed a day trip to Tishomingo. If you’re a country music fan, then you probably know who hails from this tiny agricultural community on the plains.

Blake Shelton owns the original Ole Red Saloon in town, and his mother operates a unique thrift store in town called Junk Stars.

Midwest Spring

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We left Oklahoma and made the short, 5-hour drive over to Little Rock, Arkansas, staying at the Downtown Riverside RV Park. We discovered this excellent spot the previous fall on our way to Arizona. We were there again not only for the view, but to welcome a new family member into our home on wheels … a puppy!

Cheri found a super-cute, female Yorkie-poo that we named Gypsy. It seemed like a fitting name since she would be wandering around the country with us in the RV.

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We arrived in the Nashville area and parked the rig at the I-24 Campground in Smyrna. We did our usual chores with places like the DMV, doctor visits, collecting mail and packages from the UPS store, and making visits to the storage unit to exchange various items. We also took the time to make several customizations to our new Crusader, such as after-market steps, cord reels, and other convenience items. See RV Life – Year One – Lessons Learned.

One of my favorite things to do when in Tennessee is to rent a boat and spend the day on Tim’s Ford Lake with my dad. Spring fishing is usually the best, when the waters begins to warm up and spawning season begins. As noted by Anglers.com, Middle Tennessee bass start this annual cycle in the April/May timeframe, so this was the perfect time to be gone fishing!

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As it is in most midwestern states, spring weather in Tennessee is typically a very wet and stormy time. The 2018 season lived up to expectations, producing severe storms and flooding all over the Nashville area. Severe weather threats are always a big concern when living the RV Life.

Mother Nature gave us pretty good scare one night when our phones started beeping weather alerts. No sooner than we turned on the television to see the local weather news the town sirens went off.

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Our Second Year - Midwest Spring

We quickly grabbed little Gypsy dog and our bug-out bag and made our way to the campground office building.

We huddled together with several other campers and waited, soaking wet and anxious.

We got lucky as the storm passed us by.

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We pulled-out of Nashville and headed for Kansas City, making a brief stop in Springfield, Missouri to see the original Bass Pro Shops, home of the National Sporting Arms Museum and Archery Hall of Fame.

We finished out the spring season in KC visiting friends and family, and taking in a Royals game. When Memorial Day arrived, we were northbound for our next RV summer adventure!

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