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Eye of the Beholder - My Partners - Big Hammer Wines

Big Hammer Wines is an online wine retailer that operates a unique direct import and distribution company.

By eliminating the middleman, you pay less.

Big Hammer Wines

There has never been a better time to be a wine lover!

The overall improvement in winemaking combined with modern technology and innovation, and the optimization of freight and shipping has created a US marketplace unlike any other in the world. As a result, the options are abounding and seemingly endless.

Exploring the wines of the world, the people behind them, and the backroads of bucolic wine regions are the reasons Big Hammer Wines is here. Fine wine appreciation is one of life’s greatest pleasures and pursuits. Great wine accompanies peak moments; a romantic dinner on the Italian coast, a special birthday celebration, a wedding, an anniversary, or a hamburger at a tailgate.

When Big Hammer finds wines that brighten your day and bring a smile to your faces, they’re inspired to share them, because sharing is what wine is about.

Big Hammer is not just any old wine, it is the uncommonly good kind. The kind of wine that’s only found by traveling to the famous wine regions (and a few up-and-coming ones) to meet the winemakers and watch the wines being made. They’ve developed a knack for seeking out the best new wines emerging from a crowded field. They have a nose for hidden gems. It’s their mission to scour the earth to find great wines and deliver them to you.

  • Big Hammer’s Master of Wine is one of only 415 people in the world with that title
  • is an online store based in San Diego
  • Since 2009, they’ve delivered JOY to wine lovers like you
  • They taste 5,000 wines per year so you don’t have to
  • Count on 5 Star customer service that helps you with everything
  • Enjoy Free shipping on 6 or more bottles, mix and match
Eye of the Beholder - My Partners - Big Hammer Wines

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