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Eye of the Beholder - My Partners - iFLY

Next level fun for everyone.

Experience the freedom and thrill of flying with iFLY!

Since the first iFLY wind tunnel opened in 1998 in Orlando, over 10 million people of all ages and all abilities have spread their wings in flight.

Along the way, they’ve done much more than put up buildings. They’ve created a global community of passionate fly-minded people, pioneering the sport of body flight and emerging as the world leader in vertical wind tunnel technology.

Eye of the Beholder - My Partners - iFLY
Indoor skydiving is REAL FLYING!

Advances in technology have made it possible for iFLY to deliver the smoothest flow of air, creating the most comfortable flying experience.

iFLY tunnels are progressively more eco-friendly too, requiring less than a third of the power of a horizontal wind tunnel running at equal speed.

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Eye of the Beholder - My Partners - iFLY

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