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Sometimes, inspiration hides in the simple retelling of our stories.

With a heart for others, for those who may be seen as the least, the last, and the lost, Lighthouse Ministries is on a mission to meet the physical, emotional, and other needs of the poor and at-risk population.

The Lighthouse Keepers have a vision to achieve an overall outcome of God’s peace, life purpose, and fulfillment of potential in the lives of such individuals.

Lighthouse Keepers

For centuries, the lighthouse has served as a navigational beacon of light, guiding ships through dark nights and treacherous waters. Many analogies have emerged over the years from that reality, and Lighthouse Ministries is a fine example of how people can help guide each other through the dark times of life. The Lighthouse Keepers help shine the light of God’s hope for those in need.

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I first learned of this ministry from My Virtual Mentor, David Robertson. In his Cross Fitness Unscripted video series, one of his messages includes a reference to the Lighthouse Keepers organization. So I looked them up, studied their Web site, and requested their free book, Adventures of a Lighthouse Keeper, by Steve Turbeville and Mike Williams.

Reading the many wonderful stories inside the pages of that book really opened my eyes to the amazing impact this ministry is having on their community. From soldiers suffering from war trauma, depression and addiction, to the homeless, desperate to find a job and feed their children, there is no problem too big for a Lighthouse Keeper who wants to help.

Like most people in this world, I’ve had my share of life troubles. I’ve emerged from those challenges stronger, wiser, and better-equipped for the next hassle life throws at me. I am reminded of a time not too long ago when my life took a bad turn. I needed guidance and encouragement to come out of that dark place. I found it with an organization called Heart Connexion. Learn More

Something from the book, Adventures of a Lighthouse Keeper, really resonates with me as I ponder the Breakthrough work I have done (still doing!) to find my true self through the broken pieces of my life. It’s an analogy about what those broken pieces can look like reassembled. They call it, Kintsugi.

Translated, “golden joinery” or “golden repair“, Kintsugi is a Japanese art form used to repair broken pottery. By mending the areas of breakage with lacquer and precious metals (i.e. gold, silver, or platinum) the broken vessel is often far more beautiful with it’s sparkling cracks than it ever was undamaged.

What a beautiful idea! It is a notion I often use when attempting to encourage someone through a hard time. When people emerge victorious from a life challenge, the damage left behind can do something similar. The light in you shines differently through those cracks, often in a more brilliant display, as the light bends and shifts in ways it never did before.

This has been true for me, and in many others who I’ve witnessed go through such a thing. There is credibility in the journey. When we’ve, “walked the walk” and “been there done that“, we get it. Our experience can help others see what’s possible. Our testimony can be the hope someone needs. Our broken pieces can be the lighthouse they use to navigate their own rough seas.
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I want to encourage you to use your life’s Kintsugi. Do you know someone struggling ? Do they know your story? Maybe you can make a difference with a phone call or chatting over a cup of coffee?

The Lighthouse Keepers remind us that inspiration can often be found in the simple retelling of our stories. Who will you reach out to today?

Romans 1:11-12

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