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My Virtual Mentor - David Robertson

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.


I need this in my life.

A friend who “sharpens” me.

A spiritual mentor to challenge and Inspire Me.

My Virtual Mentor

I’d like to introduce you to David Robertson. He and I used to attend the same church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Christian Life Church. I’ve known him since 2014, and I’m proud to call him my friend and mentor.
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Dave has similar aspirations as I do, to reach an online audience with a positive and encouraging message. In Dave’s case, he has refined his niche to a laser focus; Christian men who want to grow their faith.

Dave’s materials and messages are not limited to men only. There is uplifting, encouraging, Christ-centered teaching throughout the My Virtual Mentor site.

He has developed his vision into a world-class Web site, complete with videos, training programs, and a vast library of materials. Dave has one goal in mind, to glorify God by helping people go further and faster in their faith, to become fully developing followers of Jesus Christ.

My Virtual Mentor - My Journey

My Journey was my personal introduction to David’s platform.

The catalyst was his 21-Day Challenge, which I have completed twice.

I love this program!

Dave has poured his heart into My Journey, and it shows. If you need a little help and guidance in growing and developing your Christian walk, then this is for you.

My Virtual Mentor - Cross Fitness Logo

Cross Fitness, not CrossFit, is about fitness of the spirit.

Just as the body requires daily exercise and nutrition to stay in good working order, so does the Christian spirit.

Dave has developed spiritual workout routines for busy men, and they work! I use the Cross Fitness program on a regular basis to help me keep my heart and mind centered on God every day. Take a few minutes to add this to your morning routine and grow closer to God!

If you have a desire to take your spiritual life to the next level then Dave can help you. He has created My Virtual Mentor to be a personalized online discipleship experience designed to expedite your spiritual journey and transform you into what God has called you to be.

My Virtual Mentor - Logo

Would you believe this is a FREE platform? That’s right, My Virtual Mentor is supported entirely by donations. What a blessing!

May I encourage you to support this ministry? Join the MVM Scholarship Team today where your one-time gift or monthly support will help offset the high costs of continuing to provide Bible-based , Christ-centered content to anyone in the world at no cost.

UPDATE – March 31, 2024

It was about 3 years ago when I posted this article about my friend David Robertson. Besides being a true inspiration with the Kingdom work he is doing through My Virtual Mentor, I want you to know about the inspirational personal walk he has recently made through some incredibly challenging life events.

Dave has been slowly going blind over the past several years. The medical condition is an incurable, degenerative vision impairment that has progressively diminished his sight. The condition reached a point in 2023 that required him to do a complete life reset.

No longer employed and without the marital support he once counted on, he was standing at the crossroads of life. Devastated, confused, uncertain, he turned to God and his inner circle of Christian friends for wisdom and guidance.

Dave’s faithfulness was rewarded with vocational rehab funding and a path forward. He was called to the Louisiana Center for the Blind, an immersive 9-month program designed to equip visually impaired people with the skills necessary to function in a world without sight. Dave learned braille, cane travel, assistive technologies, and was instructed on the ways of non-visual cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, personal hygiene, and much more.

Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - My Virtual Mentor
Dave had to wear something like this during his training.

Day after day of exhaustive training, Dave experienced the real issues of a completely blind person.

Although he still has some residual sight, the program required him wear blackout shades over his eyes while learning these new sills.

Braille reading and cane travel proved to be most difficult for Dave. Taking hours to read a single sentence, or finding himself turned around and lost in the middle of the city, Dave remained steadfast in his faith and diligence.

In February of 2024, Dave graduated from the program and returned to his hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee to rebuild his life. My Virtual Mentor will remain a central theme for Dave as he waits upon the Lord for the next chapter in his life story.

What an inspiration! I can hardly imagine going through such a test of faith and suspect I would not handle it near as well as my friend and mentor, David Robertson.

Jeremiah 29:11

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