Inspire Me – Tribute to Mom

Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - Tribute to Mom
Isabelle M. Clark and Steve Coryell. May 1986.

Tribute to Mom

For many of us, there’s probably no greater influence on who we become as adults than our moms.

Mine was that way.

I wish she was still around to share her stories. Sadly, she passed away in October 2013. This is my Tribute to Mom.

In the last years of her life, my Mom modeled an amazing attitude for everyone to see as the disease slowly killed her. Never openly bitter, angry, or depressed she exhibited a level of grace that I could hardly fathom. She thanked God for every day. She smiled, joked, laughed, and remained as positive as anyone I have ever known. She had clearly reconciled her past with God, and she conducted herself in those waning years as a model Christian woman. Faced with daily decline, physical adversity, and certain death, she operated with a joy that defies human logic. Right-up to her last moment, she did it right.

From the book, TOM, “Epilogue – A Son’s Perspective“, pages 151-152
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I created a tribute video in her honor. It’s 17-minutes long, so I hope you enjoy this mini-production about Isabelle M. Clark.

I sure do miss her.

Proverbs 31:25-28

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