Inspire Me – The Butterfly Circus

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The Butterfly Circus is an award-winning short film watched by millions worldwide.

An inspirational, heart-warming story about a man with no arms or legs who finds purpose and meaning in life in the most unlikely of places … a carnival sideshow.

Self doubt. Low self esteem. Zero confidence. Do these sound familiar?

Many of us struggle with our confidence to some degree. Believing I am strong, capable, and enough requires daily effort. Most often I’m my own worst enemy. The audio clips I play in my head are far more discouraging than what others may say.

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Watching The Butterfly Circus reminds me that I am not alone in this struggle. There are people everywhere who need some encouragement and inspiration to believe that they can rise above and be more.

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God has blessed you with certain gifts and talents that are uniquely you. Your life experiences, good and bad, have prepared you for what comes next.

How can your blessings and experiences be used to honor your Creator and inspire the people around you?

Matthew 5:16

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Steve Coryell