RV Life – Why Go RV?

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Preparations

Going RV is a uniquely personal choice.

It’s life-impacting, for you, and possibly for the people in your life.

This lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. It requires a spirit of adventure. If you’re one who’s unafraid to journey into the unknown and willing to leave the comfortable and familiar behind, then this is for you. Why Go RV? Because amazing and wonderful discoveries await!

Our decision to enter the RV Life as full-timers was not influenced by just one thing. Other factors came into play. If you’ve read my 5-part series called A Trial Run, you know it was Cheri’s idea. I wasn’t convinced, until that one special morning in the heart of the Rocky Mountains when it happened. See A Trial Run, Part 5.

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Some of the other factors influencing our decision include …

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Preparations
I’m always daydreaming about what lies beyond the horizon.

My Job

I had already been working from home for years. It would be no big deal to continue that pattern from an RV. This was one of Cheri’s most compelling points.

She asked me one day, “Why are we just sitting here in one place when we can be on the road exploring the USA?

Good question.

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Another thing about my job is that the company I was with at that time was about to be acquired. I’ve had some experience with mergers and acquisitions during my career, so I knew there was a strong possibility I could be laid off. If I was a full-time RV’er and lost my job, I would have the amazing flexibility to accept another job virtually anywhere I wanted. We could simply drive our home to a new city and start right away! That was an amazing convincer for me that Going RV was the right move.

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Preparations
Our home from 2014-2017. Murfreesboro is a southeast ‘burb of Nashville.

Our House

Our situation with the house we were living in at the time was far less complicated than most, because we rented. We simply needed to time our launch date with the end of the lease. That meant we didn’t have to go through the tedious process of listing and selling our home.

The local leasing company we initially rented from was great to work with, but when they sold out to a national brand, we encountered an entirely different attitude and experience as renters. Frankly, it was bad. It basically validated our decision to end the lease.

Going RV offered us the benefit of flexibility, allowing us to live wherever, whenever, without ties to one location. Yet another convincer that Going RV was the right move for us.

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Why Go RV
Don’t regret the time you lose in life, only the opportunities you miss.

Timing is Everything

We already knew we wanted to see the USA in this manner someday, Cheri more than I. See A Trial Run, Part 1 to learn about the “Beautiful Distance“.

For me, the RV Life was something I had imagined doing for a long time, I only thought it would be in my golden years after retirement. But that begged the question, “Why wait?

The future has no guarantees. Who’s to say what my life will be like at age 65 or 70? I might not have the health or the means to venture out. I should do it NOW, while I can. The time is right! Carpe Diem!

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It’s strange how this moment is crossing over to my other blog category, called Full Circle. I’m having a full circle moment as I write this, recalling a song from my younger days, Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses, by Kathy Mattea.

The first time I heard this song I was still a young, 20-something guy just getting started in life. But the song invoked images in my mind of an older version of myself who would one day, “buy a Winnebago, set out to find America“. Here I am living out the very idea I conjured-up in my mind over 30 years ago. Thank you Kathy!

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If you’re considering making the leap into the RV Life, then you should think hard on the reasons why. I believe it needs to start from a place deep within your soul about the adventures and opportunities you hope to encounter. In my experience, these are the driving forces behind it all. Secondly, this needs to be a practical decision. Seek the wisdom and counsel of people you trust. Pray about it, and build a pragmatic base of facts and logic that support your decision. That was our approach, placing God at the center of the decision, seeking His guidance and direction. Psalm 32:8

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As noted in this article, 3 strong factors formed my foundation; Job, House, Timing. Other considerations came into play, such as finances, health, and how it might impact the people I love who I’d be leaving behind. Whatever your list looks like, I encourage you to consider it very carefully before diving in.

With our decision made to enter the RV Life full-time, we had some work to do. Let’s start with the first question that was already on the table, noted at the end of the article, A Trial Run, Part 5.

Eye of the Beholder - RV Life - Preparations
Motorhome? Trailer? Fifth Wheel? Which one is right for you?

What Kind of RV Do I Want?

This was probably the toughest question to answer, because there are so many amazing options and configurations available. Much like making the decision to Go RV, buying an RV is a uniquely personal thing that only you can answer.

See this article to learn more … What Kind of RV?

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