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Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - A Soldier's Child
There are no words for such a profound loss.

Citizens of the United States of America, are forever indebted to the men and women who have perished protecting our freedoms.

At A Soldier’s Child, children left behind will know that the memory of their parent will not fade away.

A Soldier’s Child

For freedom-loving, patriotic Americans, not many things inspire us more than the gallantry and valor of our military heroes. Service and sacrifice are trademarks of the American soldier, but we sometimes forget about the families behind those honored men and women who also serve and sacrifice, like A Soldier’s Child.

A Soldier’s Child

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When his neighbors lost a son, Marine Staff Sergeant Marcus Golcyznski, in Iraq in 2007, Daryl Mackin didn’t forget. Instead, he was stirred to action, founding the nonprofit, A Soldier’s Child Foundation (ASC).

Daryl believes it is the responsibility of the average American citizen to show love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes.

With an emphasis on the kids, his mission is to serve children of military personnel who have lost their lives on active duty, while defending the United States of America.

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ASC has three primary points of service for these young ones …


Celebrating birthdays every year, up to age 18, with gifts and social events. What better way to remind a child they are important, that they matter, and their tragic loss is not forgotten?


An ASC-hosted Journey Camp provides a week-long summer camp experience where mentors can connect with children to offer guidance and support.

Other mentorship programs and mini-camps engage kids in activities like golf, soccer, dance, theater, science, songwriting, culinary arts, hunting, and fishing. Spending time with compassionate mentors being active and engaged is good medicine for a young, grieving soul.

Young adults over 18 can develop leadership skills through team building challenges during “Off-the-Grid” outdoor adventure excursions, seminars, and conferences. Friendships and memories are forged to last a lifetime.

Educational Scholarships

Many children will qualify for this kind of assistance from other military nonprofits, but some do not. ASC steps in with the Xavier Martin “Fill In The Gap” Memorial Scholarship Program to lift up those in need.
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I’ve had the privilege of meeting Mr. Mackin and his wife JoJo in-person many times. We attended the same church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They came for the same reasons we did; for worship, for fellowship, and for biblical teaching.

Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - A Soldier's Child

On occasion, Daryl would speak, sharing testimony and updates about A Soldier’s Child. JoJo would sometimes lead us in song and also offer an occasional testimony.

I can tell you first-hand that Daryl & JoJo are the real deal.

I will always remember the ASC Gift Tree. Each Christmas, various names of a soldier’s child were placed into a small envelope and hung on a Christmas tree like an ornament. Included inside was a short letter describing their loss and a description of their Christmas wish.

We plucked one from the tree and played the honored role of Secret Santa, buying gifts for 3 littles ones in a family who had lost their daddy. I cannot adequately describe the range of emotion we felt in that small act of service, but I can say that it was profound and lasting.

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I’d like to encourage you to support A Soldier’s Child Foundation. In my opinion, the work they do is every bit as noble and important as Wounded Warriors, because behind every wounded or fallen soldier is a loving family who deserves our compassion.

Let’s offer a prayer today for Daryl and JoJo, and for the great people of ASC

Father God, please continue the blessings and joy, overflowing, for the good work ASC is doing. We lift up those who mourn … the children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, and sisters … may they all find peace in you, embracing the hope of your Son, Jesus, for that glorious day to come when we are all together again in your presence, oh Lord. Amen.

Revelation 21:4

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