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Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - Mike Williams and the CUPS Mission
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Rescue a Child.

Transform a Family.

Do it Again Tomorrow.

The Mike Williams CUPS Mission offers hope, education, and a pathway to a brighter future.

Mike Williams CUPS Mission

Pastor Ron Kairdolf once told me that when God moves on my heart about a certain thing I would, “know in my knower” how to respond. Mike Williams listened and heard his knower in 2010 when his heart was stirred to action by the Holy Spirit. He soon found himself all-in with the Crossover-CUPS Mission, helping young girls escape the hardships of the Dominican Republic.

Mike has some experience with the hardships of life. Born on Chicago’s Southside, Mike’s mom was unable to care for him and his four siblings. Poverty, alcoholism, addiction, and an absent father created an environment for tragedy. His two older brothers were both dead at age 17. At risk for a similar fate, Mike was rescued. He was adopted into a Christian home and began his journey into the world of mission work.

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Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - Mike Williams CUPS Mission
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As a child, Mike helped his father work with men at Pacific Garden Rescue Mission in Chicago.

This had a strong influence on Mike in his early years as he made hundreds of presentations at public schools and colleges.

The experience lead him to the Dynamic Communicators Workshop, where Mike honed his skills for the comedy stage. Despite his difficult past, he learned at an early age to embrace humor as a way to overcome.

“The pain can make you bitter or better. You can laugh about it, or cry about it. I choose laughter.”

Mike G. Williams

Mike Williams CUPS Mission

In the decades that followed, Mike Williams Comedy blossomed. He toured with the some of the most recognizable names in Christian music. He wrote comedy for television stars, won the Gospel Music Association Dove award for Comedian of the Year, recorded a Dry Bar Comedy Special, a Bananas Television Comedy Special, is played often on SiriusXM, recorded eighteen audio/video projects, and has written sixteen books.

Mike told me a story about a turning point in his life, prompted by a visit to the Dominican Republic where he had witnessed the disturbing reality of young girls trapped in prostitution and sex trafficking. Sitting on a cruise ship, at the peak of his career, enjoying all the perks of his achievements, he was miserable. Unfulfilled in his soul and convicted by what he had seen, his knower was calling out … “Go to the Dominican Republic.” Scripture replayed in his mind …

to whom much is given, from him much will be required …

Luke 12:48

Mike Williams CUPS Mission

Mike responded, making a life decision with his wife of 25 years to sell their house and move to the Dominican Republic. They developed the CUPS Mission as a rescue ministry for sexually trafficked girls. They also created a meals program, feeding hundreds of hungry people living a life of desperation inside a garbage dump, literally.

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Mike’s story reminds me of something a dear friend recently said to me …

Many are called, but few are chosen. The ones who are chosen are those who respond to the calling.”

David Robertson, My Virtual Mentor
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Mike Williams CUPS Mission

Mike’s work continues today as the CUPS Mission. Along with the leadership of Jack Eason and a team of compassionate Christians, they’ve expanded into Malawi Africa and have begun a new project in Mexico City. A light of hope continues to shine for hundreds who have little to hope for.

Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - Mike Williams CUPS Mission
Mike & Jack. Making a difference.

The mission provides educational opportunities, such as baking, sewing, running a business, Christian discipleship, field medical training, and others.

Equipped with vocational skills and Christ-centered teaching, the formula for a better life path is clear.

Mike remains active in the CUPS Mission, providing funding through his comedy work, raising awareness, and promoting the mission across the U.S.

Mike and I found each other online, when he discovered Eye of the Beholder. We learned of some shared inspirations, such as Lighthouse Keepers and the Tim Tebow Foundation. We both have high hopes of making a positive impact in the lives of as many as we can through comedy, uplifting stories, missionary work, or whatever form it takes.

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May I encourage you to learn more about Mike Williams and the CUPS Mission? Please pray for blessings and provision over this important, life changing work. Let’s ask for health and safety for all the missionary workers, for rescue and recovery of those in need, and most importantly, may there be a great harvest for the Kingdom!

Is your knower calling? How will you respond today?

Please watch the video below and consider a gift, or maybe you’d be interested in a service trip?

Isaiah 6:8

If you want to laugh a little, check out Mike’s comedy website at

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Eye of the Beholder - Inspire Me - Mike Williams CUPS Mission
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