Full Circle – Coincidence

Eye of the Beholder - Full Circle - Coincidence
A feather in the wind floats randomly, or does it?

What makes a coincidence remarkable is that the events are not planned or arranged, but seems like they are.

Wikipedia describes a coincidence as, “A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another.

An example would be a chance meeting with a co-worker at the mall, or spotting a neighbor on vacation at the same Florida beach as you. Depending on one’s perspective, this kind of casual event could evoke a minor response from the beholder, such as, “how about that?

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This can certainly be true if the person doesn’t subscribe to the notion of providence or other deep meaning. With a shoulder shrug or a smirk of amusement, such an occurrence might seem like nothing more than a weird validation that it really is a small world after all.

Hollywood lore gives us Forrest Gump, pondering the accidental on a breeze explanation of it.

Maybe it’s both, happening at the same time …

Have you ever experienced a strange coincidence that turned out to be something more?

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Steve Coryell